Orange Obsession

May 23, 2012 at 12:34 am Leave a comment

My obsession with the color orange started when I was about six.   My bed’s new duvet was decorated with cartoonish little girls wearing bright orange dresses.   And behold, my matchy-matchy tendencies were born.   I begged my parents to paint my room bright orange…not melon, not coral, but full-strength crayon box orange.  For me, it was bliss!
After a few years, the room was eventually repainted…using plenty of primer, I imagine, and my love of orange lay dormant throughout the next few decades (with the exception of neon orange during the eighties!).
Then it happened….Scandinavian designers of modern furniture began reintroducing the color in their plastic molded chairs, and modular furnishings.  And before we knew it, orange had seeped back into our subconsciousness.  Each year, Pantone introduces their pick for color of the year.  This year it is “Tangerine Tango“.   And just like that….orange is back!

Using orange in decor doesn’t require the commitment of repainting every wall,  but a splash of this fun color will definitely brighten the room.  Add an accent lamp, throw pillows, or anchor the room with an orange patterned rug.   We’ve seen some beautiful combinations for kids’ rooms….pair orange with aqua for a unisex nursery, or orange with pink for a whimsical girl’s room.  We have devoted an entire Pinterest board to this fun color.  You can browse it here in its entirety.  For a quick orange fix, here are a few great ideas:

Tattle mag has some other awesome Pinterest Boards too.  Take a look!


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